Sneak Peek! Here’s How to Score Free ML Diamonds

Psst! What do you think? We’ll tell you how to get free gems in Mobile Legends (ML). ML diamonds are like cool money, and there are ways to get them for free. Daily tasks, Moonton’s events and giveaways, and even tournaments and community contests where you can win prizes are all things you can do. But wait, be careful of third-party apps or sites that offer free stuff. They might waste your time and not help you as much as direct sales.

Let’s talk about some safe, tried-and-true ways to get those free ML gems.

Safe Ways to Grab Free ML Diamonds

People who play Mobile Legends might think that getting free gems is a dream come true. To stay on the right side of the rules, it’s important to only use safe and legal means. Here are some safe ways to get ML diamonds for free:

Join Official Events: Moonton often holds events in the game where you can win diamonds. Keep an eye on the notices and know what’s going on with these events. Do something useful by doing chores, getting points, or joining Moonton-hosted tournaments.

If you log in every day, Moonton will sometimes give you diamonds as a prize. When these free diamond chances come up, make sure you log in every day.

Sneak Peek! Here's How to Score Free ML Diamonds

Try Apps That Give Rewards: Some third-party apps say they can give you ML diamonds as a reward for doing chores. Research first, though, and only download from sites you know you can trust. Don’t give out personal information or your ML account to apps or sites that you don’t trust.

Community Contests or Giveaways: On social media sites, a lot of ML groups hold contests or giveaways. To get a chance to win free diamonds, follow these community groups and do what they say. Before joining a group, you should always make sure that the account is real and trustworthy.

Use live-streaming sites. Sites like Twitch and YouTube will sometimes give away or accept gifts that give you free diamonds. To get a chance to win gems, watch and follow the streamers who are running these events.

Are There Apps for Get It?

It’s important to note that there’s no official app directly giving away ML diamonds for free. However, some apps offer rewards in the form of gift cards or cash that you can use to buy diamonds. Here are a few popular apps that might help you snag rewards for ML diamonds:

  1. Google Opinion Rewards: This app gives you Google Play Store credits for completing surveys. These credits can be used to purchase diamonds in Mobile Legends.
  2. Poll Pay: Poll Pay rewards you with cash for completing surveys, participating in offers, or inviting friends. The earned cash can be cashed out or used to buy diamonds and play in klik88slot.
  3. Cash for Apps: This app gives points exchangeable for Google Play Store gift cards. Collect points by downloading and playing featured apps for a specific period.
  4. AppBounty: AppBounty offers points exchangeable for Google Play Store gift cards. Earn points by downloading and trying out featured apps.
  5. Gift Wallet: Gift Wallet provides gift card rewards that can used to buy ML diamonds. Earn rewards by completing simple tasks like downloading apps or watching videos.


While these apps can offer rewards that can be used for ML diamonds, it’s crucial to research and read reviews from other users to ensure their reliability and safety. Always choose apps from trustworthy sources and keep your account secure by not sharing personal info or account data with unverified apps.

Apart from these apps, don’t forget to capitalize on official events by Moonton, join community contests, or complete daily missions within the Mobile Legends game to earn diamonds legitimately and safely.

Lastly, always remind yourself that getting free ML diamonds through third-party apps takes time and effort, and the results might not match up to direct purchases. It’s essential to consider official diamond purchases through in-game stores to support developers and ensure the safety and reliability of your transactions.

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